VMware View User Experience Features

The VMware View desktop virtualization solutions sets itself apart by being adaptable enough to address the uniue needs of a wide range of uses and deployment option, even over high latency and low bandwidth connections. In addition to providing access to virtual desktops via a wide range of virtual desktop devices without performance degradation, the user experience features of VMware View enable rich media content to be consumed, provide options for flexible monitor configurations, and access printers, scanners, keychain drives, and other locally-attached peripherals.

PCoIP Display Protocol

VMware PCoIP is a technology VMware has built from the ground up to deliver virtual desktops to endpoint clients, whether they are PCs, latops, or thin clients, as long as they are running the VMware View Client. In addition, any device can also access their virtual desktop via a web browser with VMware Portal.

VMware PCoIP compresses, encrypts and decodes the entire computing experience in the data center, delivering a desktop computing environment anywhere on a standard IP network, on the LAN or across the WAN. VMware’s PCoIP deliver high performance virtual desktops for a wide variety of use cases, from tasks workers, to power users, including high-end users that require the use of demanding 3D applications.

VMware PCoIP technology does not restrict end users, providing them with the highest flexibility in terms of their user experience. Users can work with a wide variety of producitivity applications, view multimedia conent such as audio and view, for a full and rich computing experience with desktop virtualization.

VMware View Printing

VMware View Printing enables virtual desktops to print to local printers without compatibility issues, or dealing with bandwidth constraints or complicated setup processes. With universal print drivers, there is no need to manage print driver or handle compatibility issues. VMware View Printing also includes compression capabilities to enhance performance, even if the network connection is not optimal.

VMware View Display

For users that require multiple monitor setups, IT administrators can utilize VMware View Display with support for up to 4 monitors on a single virutal desktop. Designed to optimize the delivery of graphics to a variety of monitor configurations, VMware View Display send the appropriate slice of the display to each monitor, and also supports the pivoting of monitors.

VMware View Multimedia

As multimedia content becomes more important to job functions, VMware View Multimedia supports users on virtual desktops that needs to experience rich media and audio. These multimedia streams leverage local client resources, to deliver the best user experience possible, rendering them at the client and reducing dependencies in terms of the server hosting the virtual desktops.

VMware View Direct

USB mice, scanners and printers, and mass storage device attached locally can be supported with VMware View Direct. This software feature enables seamless mapping to client-attached perpherals, and reduces the need to train users migrating to a virtual desktop environment, freeing up IT resources.

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