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VMware’s newest desktop virtualization offering, called VMware View 4, is designed to enable it departments to deliver entire virtual desktop onto datacenter servers, and be able to manage operating systems, applications, and data centrally and independently for greater business agility without affecting the end-user experience.

Leverage the leading virtualization platform

Built on the most robust virtualization platform in the market, the VMware View 4 desktop virtualization utilizes VMware vSphere as its core platform for the servers that host the virtual desktops, integrating with existing VMware server architecture, simplifying management while leveraging existing skillsets.

Enhanced end user experience

VMware’s unique PCoIP was built form the ground up to provide a high performance display protocol to deliver virtual desktops without compromising the user experience. VMware View also offers a wide variety of rich user experience features to solve a number of other issues that used to plague virtual desktop solutions, and now provide:

  • support for multiple monitor configurations
  • easy printing to network and locally-attached printers
  • the ability to view rich multimedia content, with full video and audio capabilities
  • support for USB peripherals, including mass storage devices

Reduced Storage Requirements

VMware View Premier features View Composer with Linked Clone technology for advanced provisioning. View Composer creates a single “golden image” that can be shared across 100s and 1000s of desktop images, each with their own unique settings, applications, and data. This “golden image” helps to greatly reduce the storage capacity requirements, by deduplicating data in the desktop image.

In addition, this “golden image” can be loaded into disk cache as well, helping to optimize the boot times when a large number of users may be trying to log into their virtual desktops at the same time.

Compatible with Citrix XenApp

Companies that want to implement or enhance their existing Citrix XenApp application virtualization investments can use VMware View for desktop virtualization.

Eliminate most of the CAPEX investment requirement

VMware View doesn’t require a wholesale move to virtualized desktops on thin clients. It is flexible enough to support a broad range of use cases, enabling a hybrid thin client and thick client desktop environment, where task workers can be provided with thin clients, and executives can be given laptops. This helps reduce much of the up-front capital expenditures involved with implementing a desktop virtualization solution, enabling IT departments to repurpose existing PCs and laptops as thin clients as well, extending the lifecycle of their existing IT investments.

VMware View Versions

  VMware View Premier VMware View Enterprise
VMware vSphere 4 for Desktops
VMware vCenter Server 4 for Desktops
VMware View Manager 4
VMware View Composer
VMware ThinApp 4
Offline Desktop (Experimental)

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