VMware View Manager 4

Desktop Virtualization Management

VMware View Manager enables the management of virtual desktops, enabling administrators to manage, provision, and deploy virtual desktop with the VMware View 4 desktop virtualization solutions.

Once virtual desktops are deployed, users can securely access their desktops, and administrators can manage the upgrading and patching of virtual desktops from a central console, empowering the management and administration of hundreds and even thousands of desktops from a central image, to save time and resources.

With the enhanced security functionalities of VMware View Manager, all the data, and intellectual property resides at the datacenter, and can only be accessed by those with the permissions and security policies required to access it.

Key Components of VMware View Manager 4

View Connection Server

The VMware View Connection Server included with VMware View Manager 4 enables IT administrators to secure access to the virtual desktops when needed. It also integrates with VMware vSphere 4 for Desktop’s vCenter Management console for advanced virtual desktop management capabilities.

View Agent

The View Agent functionality runs on every virtual desktop and powers session management functionality and single sign-on capabilities. The View Agent enables the server to see the clients it needs to facilitate for virtual desktop management. The View Agent determines if the client is free and can be used, or if the client is already occupied and logged in. The single sign-on funcationality has been enhanced with VMware View Manager 4, now the View Agent component can integrate with Active Directory and smart cards to further simplify the process of logging into a VMware View desktop. The newest version of VMware View Manager also enables Kerberos authentication, and allows for mixed Kerberos and Active Directory authentication.

View Client

The View Client component of the VMware View Manager 4 desktop virtualization management software enables the thin client, or desktop, or laptop, being utilized by that end user, to log in through the View Connection Server. Once the user has successfully logged in, they can be presented with a list of the virtual desktops they are authorized to log into.

View Portal

VMware’s View Manager View Portal component extends the availability of virtual desktops to be acessible from any computer at any time, removing the restriction that a user must access their virtual desktop from a machine that has the View Client installed. With VMware View Portal, users can log into their virtual desktops from within a web browser. VMware View Portal is supported on multiple operating systems and within multiple browsers.

View Administrator

VMware View Manager 4’s View Administrator is a web-based tool that can be used to manage the desktop virtualization implementation. IT administrators can change configurations and settings, manage the virtual desktops, and set security entitlements for users, desktops, and group within the management console.

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