Thin Clients and Ethernet Terminals

Discover the advantages of thin client computing

Thin client computing is a great solution for enterprises aiming to increase security & central control, reduce energy and hardware procurement costs; all while simplifying and improving the efficiency of support functions, thin client computing offers.

By utilizing thin client technology, enterprises save right away by lowering hardware procurement costs. Thin clients do not need hard drives, processors, or application memory, which not only reduces their price, it also maximizes the reliability of the client while conserving energy costs, since the machine does not include any moving parts.

By offloading processing and storage functionalities to a centralized server, IT departments can maximize control. Update software version, install OS updates, and rollout new software without having to visit every end-users desktop.

Security is a large for many businesses, whether it be viruses or malware. Even if you install anti-virus and anti-malware protection, users may uninstall or disable these applications, sometimes exposing sensitive data and opening applications to potential security breaches.

North American Systems specializes on consolidating and deploying thin client computing solutions on IBM iSeries and System i5 servers. We offer an entire line of terminal emulation and thin client computing software, and thin clients from Bosanova. In addition, we also offer WYSE thin client computing solutions.

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