Storage consolidation services

Consolidate your storage capacity for cost savings and increased manageability

Making the switch from a traditional DAS storage environment to a networked SAN or NAS environment consolidates you storage devices into a single virtualized pool, which allows you to:

  • maximize the utilization of storage -rather than purchasing separate storage devices for each system or application, just provision and re-provision your storage pool, and whatever new capacity you add can be sliced - and - diced however you want
  • stay available - with DAS (direct-attached storage), you usually have to take a whole system down to add capacity, making mission-critical data inaccessible, but with a consolidated storage infrastructure, you can add and provision data capacity without a second of downtime
  • centralizing storage management - simplifying your storage management processes across different vendors, cabinets, OS's, and connectivity protocols
  • converge - pool your NAS and SAN resources to a single pooled disk resource
  • share - new storage devices and technology between file- and block-level data across multiple host systems
  • enable - take advantage of the newest, fastest storage technologies like solid-state-disk and provision it for applications that need it the most

North American Systems has an extensive amount of experience providing storage services and solutions for the midrange computing market. Our knowledge and access of proven cutting edge storage hardware, software and applications means we can design end-to-end storage solutions designed to make your data storage less expensive, while making it more manageable, accessible, and available.

If you are experiencing issues with:

  • unexpected & expensive downtime
  • slow data access times
  • data recovery issues
  • meeting recovery point and recovery time objectives
  • data retention for regulatory compliance
  • runaway storage management costs
  • increasing backup windows that miss or fail from time-to-time
  • storage capacity that goes unused

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