Ensure transactional integrity and minimize quiesce time, with this point-in-time recovery tool

Snapshot is a classical storage application designed to create an instant snapshot of datasets and volumes at a particular point in time. Snapshot is designed to produce copies without data movement, ensuring transactional integrity and consistency of your databases.

Snapshot takes a relative copy of your dataset or volume, copying only the delta (changed) blocks of data, while maintaining links to the source data. For complete protection from hardware failure, mirroring is suggested.

Snapshot can be enabled through the use of particular software and/or hardware packages. It is designed so administrators can achieve point-in-time recovery objectives and minimize database quiesce time. Snapshots are particularly useful for instant recovery of data in case of user error of data corruption. In addition snapshot technology can make a copy of your block- and/or file-level data, and do the backup online multiple time during the business day.

Snapshot is particularly useful in that it does not actually move data, and can take just seconds to perform instead of minutes or hours, and the host systems is not burdened with an additional workload.

FalconStor provides database-specific Snapshot agents for IPStor

FalconStor also provides Snapshot agents for a variety of messaging stores as well

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