QLogic 9000 Series Fibre Channel Switches

Stackable Chassis Switches

QLogic 9000 Series Chassis SwitchThe QLogic 9000 Series of FC Stackable Chassis Switches offer the advantages of modular blade technology at the low cost of edge switching. These core switches feature a low entry point with a 16-port configuration, and scale scale up to 128 ports in a single, 4U chassis. Two chassis can be configured into a single, 256 port 8U HyperStack with up to 1.6Tbps backplane capacity .

The 9000 Fibre Channel Chassis from QLogic features an I/O blade architecture that allows FC blades to be mixed and matched. The I/O blades are customer-replaceable and hot-swappable to support non-disruptive maintenance and expansion.

Choose between 16-port 8Gbps or 4Gbps blades for server and storage connections, or 4-port 10Gbps blades for ISL to other switches. Each SANbox 9000 chassis can support up to 8 blades. Using 4Gbps blades, you can achieves up to 2.17Tbps system bandwidth, and with 8Gbps blades, up to 4.35Tbps is supported. With the QLogic 9000 Chassis, you can also utilize iSCSI intelligent storage router modules for iSCSI connectivity,and FCIP to replicate data across your WAN.

The QLogic 9000 Series are fault-tolerant, and reduce single-points-of-failure. In addition to the hot-swappable I/O blades, a dual-CPU option is included, providing director-class redundancy. Also, these chassis switches include redundant and hot-swappable power supplies and fans.

The QLogic 9000 Series also includes the following features & software:

  • QuickTools - for quick and easy installation & integration, with device discovery & management, zoning and fabric management
  • Enterprise Fabric Suite - enables the management, set up, monitoring, tuning, troubleshooting and servicing of an unlimited number of large fabrics
  • Advanced Fabric Security for users, connections, and devices
  • Adaptive trunking
  • RSCN suppression
  • Drag-and-drop Zoning Wizard
  • Extended Distance

QLogic HBAs have rock-solid reliability,ensuring maximum availability from your Fibre Channel SAN. Best-in-class performance eliminates data bottlenecks, providing a fast, reliable and efficient data flow.

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