QLogic 7300 Series Infiniband HCAs

QLogic QLE 7342The QLogic 7300 Series of Infiniband Adapters are designed to accommodate the needs of HPC (high performance computing) environments. With a PCI Express Gen2 x8 bus adapter these class of Infiniband HCAs auto-negotiate, supporting 40Gbps, 20Gbps, and 10Gbps connections.

In addition, the 7300 Series of Host Connector Adapters delivers up to 3400 MBps of unidirectional bandwidth for applications that need it, and boasts a low point-to-point latency of <1 μs, which scales with the size of the fabric.

Able to support 30M messages per second, the QLogic 7300 Series of Infiniband Adapters can also support high I/O transfer for clustered applications, supporting up to 4 processes per node.

The QLogic 7300 Series of Infiniband Adapters includes the following models:

  • QLogic LogoQLE 7342 - single-port port 40Gbps (QDR) InfiniBand-to-PCI Express
  • QLE 7340 - dual-port port 40Gbps (QDR) InfiniBand-to-PCI Express

QLogic’s industry-leading five-year warranty protection comes with every QLogic 7300 Series Infiniband HCA.

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