QLogic 6200 Series Intelligent Storage Routers

QLogic LogoThe 6200 Series of Intelligent Storage Routers from QLogic are powerful, mid-sized protocol connectivity tools for cross-protocol routing and services. These routers provide host connectivity for storage systems, enabling the sharing of SAN devices for increased utilization, supporting 8Gbps Fibre Channel and 1Gbps and 10Gbps iSCSI connections.


QLogic iSR6250The QLogic Intelligent Storage Router 6250 delivers up to 2.4Gbps throughput and up to 240,000 IOPS. Able to support up to 1,024 virtual machines with 2,048 iSCSI initiator support and 8,192 LUN support with its dual-blade iSR6250 configuration, the iSR6250’s modular design also provides future-proofing to support more ports or protocols as needed.

The iSR620 features a reliable architecture as well, with dual, hot-swappable power supplies and router blades to reduce single-points-of-failure.


QLogic iSR6240With TrueFlex architecture, the QLogic Intelligent Storage Router 6240 is design to enable any-to-any protocol flexibility and connectivity. Supporting up to 800 Mbps throughput and 200,000 IOPs, in a dual-blade configuration, these routers can support 2,048 iSCSI initiators and 8,192 LUNs.

The iSR 6240 provides simultaneous support for iSCSI connectivity and SAN-over-WAN capabilities to make storage consolidation more cost effective, and management and administration tasks simplified.

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