QLogic 6100 Series Intelligent Storage Routers

QLogic LogoThe QLogic 6100 iSR Series of intelligent storage routers deliver cost-effective SAN connectivity solutions, designed to improve the ROI on your existing SANs. Features include:

  • virtualization connectivity within iSCSI
  • iSCSI to Fibre Channel connectivity for easy SAN connectivity for all servers
  • enables management of storage on the SAN, not individual servers
  • powers easy migration from DAS to SAN
  • transforms Fibre Channel storage into multi-protocol storage


QLogic iSR6142The QLogic Intelligent Storage Router 6142, is a multi-protocol router for cost-effective bridging and routing services to connect SANs throughout network infrastructures, and enable SAN over WAN replication and data migration.

Supporting QLogic’s Layer 3 routing capabilities, the QLogic iSR is also designed to optimize WAN usage with SmartWrite, with key data management and data migration operations by increasing packet sizes to reduce transfer times across the WAN.


QLogic iSR6140The QLogic Intelligent Storage Router 6140 is designed to deliver universal SAN connectivity. Supporting up to 512 server connections and leveraging native iSCSI drivers from all of the major Operating Systems vendors, these routers extend Fibre Channel connectivity to iSCSI devices.

With dual 1Gbps iSCSI ports to WANs and LANs, and dual 2Gbps Fibre Channel ports to the SANs the QLogic iSR6140 can help with:

  • making Fibre Channel SAN devices support multiple protocols
  • adding FC SAN access to servers
  • optimizing HCP cluster storage
  • enables WAFS (Wide Area File Services) to remote sites
  • connecting remote sites to the FC SAN
  • scaling VMware to SAN connectivity

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