QLogic 5000 Series Fibre Channel

Stackable 8Gbps FC Switches

QLogic 5800 Series FC SwitchesThe newest SANbox 5000 series stackable fibre channel switches feature 8Gbps connectivity. These expandable switches can start with as few as 8 ports in a single switch, and can expand in four port increments to 20 ports per switch.

These switches also include 4 always-on 10Gbps stacking ports, which are included with every switch, and prevent you from wasting device ports for ISLs. By stacking up to 6 of the QLogic 5800V or 5802V switches, up to 120 device ports can be supported in a single multi-switch stack, which can be managed as a single switch in the QuickTools On-Board GUI, and CLI (command line interface). 20Gbps ISL (Inter-switch link) are supported, so that if needs change, the stacking ports can accommodate the increased bandwidth demands.

The 8Gbps fibre channel ports featured in the newest 5800 model switches of the QLogic 5000 series of FC switches are fully backwards-compatible with 4Gbps and 2Gbps ports. Support for virtualized environments is enabled with NPIV support.

The two models of the QLogic 5800 Series of fibre channel switches are the 5800V, which has a single supply, or the high-availability model, the 5802V, which includes dual power supplies. Fabric security is included with both models of the QLogic 5800 switches, as well as other advanced features including:

  • adaptive trunking
  • I/O StreamGuard RSCN suppressions
  • hardware-enforced zoning
  • non-disruptive code load and activation

QLogic switches have rock-solid reliability,ensuring maximum availability from your Fibre Channel SAN. Best-in-class performance eliminates data bottlenecks, providing a fast, reliable and efficient data flow.

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