QLogic 2400 Fibre Channel Adapters

QLogic QLE 2464The QLogic 2400 Series of HBAs delivers 4Gb fibre channel connectivity with superior performance, scalability and reliability.

The QLogic 2400 Series includes unique QLogic technologies like Intelligent Interleaved DMA, Dual Read DMA, and Overlapping Protection Domains.

To support virtualized environments, the QLogic 2400 Series of HBAs support NPIV (N_Port ID Virtualization), to allow multiple N_Port IDs to share the same physical Fibre Channel port.

These 4Gb Fibre Channel adapters are backwards compatible via auto-negotiation to 2Gb and 1Gb technologies, and are completely RoHS-compliant.

Able to support up to 150,000 IOPs per port, and up to 2,048 concurrent logins per port, the QLogic 2400 series includes the following adapters:

  • QLogic LogoQLE 2464 - Quad-port 4Gbps Fibre Channel-to-PCI Express
  • QLE 2462 - 4Gbps dual-port Fibre Channel-to-x4 PCI Express adapter
  • QLE 2460 - 4Gbps single-port Fibre Channel-to-x4 PCI Express adapter
  • QLA 2462 - 4Gbps dual-port Fibre Channel-to-PCI-X 2.0 266 MHz adapter
  • QLA 2460 - 4Gbps single-port Fibre Channel-to-PCI-X 2.0 266 MHz adapter

QLogic HBAs have rock-solid reliability,ensuring maximum availability from your Fibre Channel SAN. Best-in-class performance eliminates data bottlenecks, providing a fast, reliable and efficient data flow. QLogic’s industry-leading five-year warranty protection comes with every QLogic 2400 Series adapter.

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