QLogic LogoQLogic 12000 Series InfiniBand Switches

High-performance InfiniBand Switching for HPC

The QLogic 12000 Series of InfiniBand Switches are based on the TrueScale ASIC platform. They feature advanced 40Gbps QDR InfiniBand connectivity, the high port counts, and high port densities for demanding HPC environments.

QLogic 12800 InfiniBand SwitchesQLogic 12800 InfiniBand Switch

These switches support full 40 Gbps QDR line rate performance, and boast low latency rates (140 - 420 ns) even under heavy loads with TrueScale™ architecture.

Advanced virtualization features like multiple virtual lanes per physical port, and virtual fabric partitioning, are supported with the QLogic 12800 Series switches.

The architecture of these Infiniband switches are modular and easy to manage, and feature a fully-redundant design that maximizes availability. In addition, to enhance reliability, port-to-port and module-to-module failover is supported, along with non-disruptive firmware upgrades, and in-band or out-of-band management.

The optional Infiniband Fabric Suite (IFS) is a management solution that enables more enhanced and expanded fabric view and fabric tools. The wizards included with the IFS make fabric setup and configuration streamlined, and can help verify fabric topology and performance.

Model Ports Switching Capacity Max Supported Leaf Modules
12800-360 18-864 51.8 Tbps 36
12800-180 18-432 25.9 Tbps 18
12800-120 18-288 17.2 Tbps 12
12800-040 18-96 5.76 Tbps 4

QLogic 12400 InfiniBand GatewayQLogic 12400 InfiniBand Gateway

These switches feature 26 ports of 40 Gbps QDR Infiniband (2.2 Tbps fabric capacity) switching with an integrated gateway, providing connectivity from an Infiniband architecture to an Ethernet architecture. The QDR Infiniband ports support DDR connections as well, and for Ethernet connectivity, the QLogic 12400 Infiniband includes 6 line-rate capable 10 Gbps ports, which support IPv4 and IPv6. For reliability, the power and cooling of the QLogic 12400 series are redundant and hot-swappable.

QLogic 12300 Infiniband SwitchQLogic 12300 InfiniBand Switch

These modular, managed 40 Gbps Infiniband Switches can scale from 18 to 36 ports of 40 Gbps QDR Infiniband, for up to 2.88 Tbps aggregate bandwidth. Virtualization is supported through the ability for multiple virtual lanes per physical ports, and Virtual Fabric partitioning, and the TrueScale™ architecture enables the 12300 InfiniBand Switch to provide predictable, low latency even under heavy loads. Ideal to cluster a group of workgroup resources, or as an edge switch option for a larger fabric, the QLogic 12300 Infiniband family of switches is an idea solution to protect and expand upon existing InfiniBand investments.

QLogic 12200 InfiniBand SwitchQLogic 12200 InfiniBand Switch

These 36-port, externally managed InfiniBand switches features 40 Gbps QDR InfiniBand performance, that is compatible with DDR InfiniBand connections as well. Featuring a small datacenter footprint, the QLogic 12200 InfiniBand Switches offer cost-effective high-speed performance with low latency, even under heavy computing workloads.

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