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Optimize your virtual infrastructure with Pillar storage arrays

VMware ESX is the most widely deployed x86 virtualization solution, enabling the consolidation of multiple servers onto fewer physical machines where virtual servers can be provisioned quickly & effectively.

Although VMware’s virtual infrastructure provides disk abstraction, which helps with things such as snapshots and migrations, a SAN (storage area network) can help optimize the capabilities of a virtualized infrastructure, maximizing ROI. The separation of computing from storage helps create a common execution environment, enabling features such as:

  • high availability
  • managed & guaranteed service levels & service level management
  • simplified remote replication for disaster recovery
  • live server migrations
  • non-disruptive, cost-effective scalability
  • easy maintenance with no disruption
  • enhanced flexibility to meet changing business & regulatory requirements
  • centralized management

Although SANs may help optimize ROI, in the past the hardware and skills required for proper management made them largely cost-prohibitive. The Pillar Data Axiom™ solution is a cost-effective alternative that provides an architecture designed to help IT departments take advantage of all the opportunities virtualization presents.


The Pillar Data Axiom system includes the unique AxiomONE Storage Services manager. This software allows administrators to quickly setup policy-based LUNs.

Service Levels

The Dynamic Performance software included with AxiomONE enables administrators to setup unique per-LUN provisioning of resources based on the data requirements. I/O, queuing, and caching can be tuned to optimize QoS (quality of service) levels based on the performance requirements of the LUN.


The wizard-based maintenance features of AxiomONE provides administrators with proactive system maintenance options and intelligent fault tolerance options, and allows problems to be pinpointed before failure.

No hidden fees

Unlike other SAN vendors, which can wipe out the ROI of virtualization as businesses add performance and capacity, Pillar Data charges a one-time license fee for each Axiom system, enabling businesses to add capabilities without additional costs.

Energy efficiency for “green computing”

The Pillar Axiom allows multiple service levels and storage arrays to be consolidated onto a single system, oftentimes delivering a 75% reduction of power consumption & costs. With advanced features like seamless intermixing of FC and SATA drives, and industry-first 1TB drives, Pillar Data can also help conserve data center floorspace.

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