Oracle Database 10g Security Features

Oracle LogoOracle has a highly-security database, and offers a wide variety of enhanced tools to help businesses and organizations address privacy, regulatory compliance and other security concerns.

Database Vault

Protect against threats from insiders by restricting access by super-users, DBAs, and privileged users across applications and data. Meets regulatory compliance by giving DBAs and other powerful users only the permissions they need for their job responsibilities.

Secure Backup

Secure Backup encrypts filesystems and data as it backs up to tape devices.

Advanced Security

This module addresses privacy and regulatory concerns by providing transparent data encryption, network encryption and data integrity, and strong authentication methods.

Oracle Label Security (OLS)

This powerful option provides out-of-the-box functionality with a tool that provides row-level security by matching user security clearances with the classification label attached to data rows.

Virtual Private Database

Enable powerful, policy-based access restrictions that can be customized down to the user level. Eliminates application security issues by attaching the policies to the database objects, regardless of the access method.

Data Encryption

This additional layer of security protects data-at-rest on storage devices, in case of media theft.

Enterprise User Security

Centralize the management of user security policies while maintaining localized enforcement by Oracle Internet Directory.

Secure Application Roles

Write powerful security procedures in PL/SQL, to enable multiple, specific security checks.

Fine-Grained Auditing

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