Oracle Database 10g Manageability Tools

Oracle 10g DatabaseOracle’s architecture is designed to self-manage and automate repetitive tasks, leaving database administrators and other IT staff to focus on strategic business objectives. Oracle also offers a wide variety of advanced management options to simplify the management of application and database environments.

Enterprise Manager

Centralize the management of all applications, systems and databases into a single, integrated interface. Some of the packs and plugins included are:

Automatic Memory Management

This tools free administrators from having to manually configure and tune the sizes of shared memory components, by automating the management of shared memory. This helps to create a more responsive and adaptive memory management environments, optimizing the use of your shared memory resources.

Automatic Storage Management

ASM provides administrators with a centralized, simplified storage management interface of storage resources across heterogeneous server and storage platforms. This tool can save database administrators time, and allows them to develop a flexible, dynamic database environment that maximizes efficiencies.

Automatic Undo Management

This comprehensive tool allows administrators to monitor the configurations of all parameters, security policies and set-ups, and storage a file space conditions, to simplify management.

Diagnostic Pack

Oracle LogoOracle’s diagnostic pack of features include:

  • Automatic Workload Repository
  • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
  • Performance monitoring for databases & hosts
  • Event notifications
  • Event and metric history
  • Blackouts

These features provide administrators with automatic performance diagnostic and advanced system monitoring capabilities.

Change Management Pack

Oracle’s change management pack of features provides administrators with the ability to:

  • Capture and store object definitions
  • Compare object definitions and highlight differences
  • Synchronize object definitions
  • Propagate definitions to one or more sites
  • Clone objects with their subset of data

This allows administrators to manage and plan changes throughout the life of the database and applications, track complex changes to schemas and objects, easily copy schemas and objects, and compare various schemas and objects.

Tuning Pack

Oracle’s tuning pack of tools gives administrators advanced performance management capabilities for Oracle environments, allowing them to tune SQL, reorganize objects, and optimize storage. Features include:

  • SQL Access Advisor
  • SQL Tuning Advisor
  • SQL Tuning Set

Configuration Management Pack

Track hardware and software configurations for host systems and Oracle databases with this pack of features that consolidates this information and allows administrators to browse, search, compare, export and historically track this information. Other capabilities & features include:

  • Advanced policy and patch management
  • Automated in-context Critical Patch advisory assessment
  • Cloning for Oracle software & associated databases

Provisioning Pack

This pack of features allow administrators to quickly deploy software, databases and patches, and allows for bare metal provisioning of operating systems and software images. Other features include:

  • Automated patching for Oracle products and various operating systems
  • Critical Patch facility
  • Software image library
  • Database, RAC, Application Server, and Application Provisioning
  • Single instance-to-RAC conversion
  • Enterprise Security Advisor
  • Provisioning and deployment reports

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