Nexsan SATABoy

Nexsan SATABoy14TB of cost-effective SATA in 3U

The Nexsan SATABeast is a high-performance SATA RAID array that offers OS-independent, high-density storage capacity for a variety of storage applications, from primary application storage, to D2D (disk-to-disk) backup, and nearline and secondary storage.

Nexsan SATABoy LogoThe Nexsan SATABoy supports multiple RAID sets with multiple volumes for each set, supporting RAID levels 0, 1, 1+0, 4, 5 and RAID6. LUN security is standard and built-in, and the SATABoy supports up to 256 LUNs per controller.

The SATABoy includes dual 4Gbps Fibre SFP LC host ports and dual iSCSI ports in each of its dual RAID controllers with wire-speed throughput. These ports auto-negotiate with host speed, and the redundant controllers can be run in an active/active configuration for maximum performance.

Reliability, Availability, Serviceability

The Nexsan SATABoy features an advanced architecture with a horizontal midplane featuring anti-accumulative rotational vibration, designed to reduce vibration and insertion stress points, maximize airflow, and provide superior cooling to maximize the lifecycles of the drives, reducing ongoing costs and minimizing TCO. The horizontal midplane design promotes superior workflow, further increasing reliability and reducing operating & cooling costs.

To keep your SATA storage up and running, all components of the SATABoy are fully redundant and hot-swappable , including the controllers, cooling and power supplies. In addition, the disks are hot-swappable as well.

The Nexsan SATABoy features a web-based GUI for management over a standard 10/100/1000 Base-T port, and also supports email alerts and SNMP traps. In addition, the SATABoy features a phone-home features in the event of errors or predications of errors, and with WorldView, you can manage multiple SATABoys from a single GUI.

AutoMAID™ Green Storage Technology

Nexsan AutoMAID Logo for energy-savings in storageNexsan’s patented MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) technology, AutoMAID, is designed to provide real cost savings by reducing the energy requirements & thermal output of unused drives. This feature comes standard on all of Nexsan’s SATABoy disk arrays, and provides transparent cost savings without requiring any software changes. AutoMAID allows IT to choose what combination of cost savings and performance requirements fits their business needs, with three levels of “idleness”:

Level 1: at this level, disks can achieve 15% - 20% savings by unloading the head. The disks keep spinning though, providing sub-second recovery times.

Level 2: achieve 35% - 45% savings by unloading the heads and slowing the disk down to 4000 RPM. At this level, recovery times average 15 seconds.

Level 3: maximize your savings by stopping the disk spin and putting it into sleep mode, but powered on. This level provides 60% - 75% savings, and 30-45 second recovery times.

Data is continuously verified with Nexsan’s AutoMAID technology, which performs periodic surface scans to ensure data integrity.

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