Nexsan iSeries

Nexsan SATABoyiSCSSI SAN for virtualization, snapshots, mirroring, replication & data migration

The Nexsan iSeries is a complete iSCSI SAN solution for server virtualization, databases, file storage, data consolidation, and anywhere where multiple data storage requirements and applications require peformance and scalability, and need a simple, IP-basd deployment.

Nexsan iSeries Model Specifications

Nexsan iSeries Model Nexsan iSeries Model 400i Nexsan iSeries Model 200i
Scalable SAN capacity Up to 1 Petabyte Up to 500 TB
1Gbps iSCSI ports/appliance 3 with single unit, 6 if clustered 2, 4 if clustered
Number of supported storage systems 200 100
FC storage ports 4 2
Power Supply Dual, hot-swappable
250 W

All Nexsan iSeries models support clustering for redundancy, and its unique multi-path, multi-access architecture provides real-time, continuous data protection during network, system, connection, or component outages. All components are redundant and hot-swappalbe for further resiliency and availability, and data protection can be enahanced with RAID 5 or RAID 6.

Simplifed Licensing

The Nexsan iSeries iSCSI SAN solutions do away with the complex licensing that IT department need to grapple with, with other iSCSI SAN providers. There are no agents, and therefore no licensing restrictions, and everything is included with no hidden costs or licensing fees, the iSeries ships with all of the storage services detailed below.

Nexsan iSeries Storage Services

'The Nexsan iSeries automatically includes storage services, enabling the ability to create and support thousands of virtual volumes to support multiple storage application and storage pools simultaneously.

Storage Virtualization services allows you to create multiple volumes that precisely address the unique needs of particular applications in your virtualized environment.

Storage Consolidation enables the capacity of mulitple storage systems to be put into a single capacity pool that can grow to hundreds of TBs. This pool can then be managed via a single high-speed interface.

Snapshots are included in the Nexsan iSeries SAN devices. Local and remote snapshots to protect data using time-based recovery points allow for the creation of multiple, persistent, incremental snapshot that enable the recovery of deleted or inconsistent data to a particular period in time. You can use read-only or read/write snapshots for local or remote application testing.

Local, synchronous mirroring enables you to create an exact, real-time copy of critical production data and volumes across DWDM or dedicated fibre channel connections to a remote site. Great for physical system failures or disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery can also be implemented via asynchronous replication services as well. Repliate data and volumes to another Nexsan iSeries located at a remote site across the IP LAN, MAN, or WAN. You can failover your production services in the case of a primary site outage to ensure business continuity and data access.

With the Nexsan iSeries data migration services, you can migrate data between various storage resources without disruption. Switch out old storage devices with new ones without taking storage volumes offline.

Utilizing these storage services enables the implementation of non-disruptive backup. By utilizing snapshots instead of production volumes to backup to tape or disk, the backup window can be eliminated. Production systems can stay fully online while performing differential and even full backups to your tape systems or VTL.


The Nexsan iSeries is VMware-certitifed and Microsoft Hyper-V certified for intergration into existing virtualization technologies and architectures.

In addition, support for Microsoft VSS (Volume Shadow Services) is included so you can make data-consistent snapshots of Exchange, SQL and Sharepoint on the Nexsan iSeries. VSS data quiesing technology is coordinated on the Nexsan iSeries with the included snapshot feature.

Utilizing the Nexsan iSeries CLI to coordinating snapshots with existing Unix and Linux data consistency backup and recovery tools.

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