Nexsan DATABeast

Unified Storage Platform for SAN & NAS

Nexsan ATAbaby LogoThe Nexsan DATABeast is a fully-integrated storage solution that integrates disk storage, RAID controllers, IP & FC switching, and powerful storage management software into a single unified storage platform for a variety of applications.

The DATABeast comes delivered with all equipment populated and ready-to-go, with the management software already integrated, and up to 336TB raw (280TB usable) capacity in a single rack. Additional expansion racks can be added to the system without disruption, to scale up to a a petabyte, without the need to buy additional capacity licenses.

Embedded Software

A variety of storage services can be managed remotely or locally from a single user interface, including:

  • storage pooling & virtualization for easy management
  • snapshot and rollback for server- and LAN-free data protection and backup
  • asynchronous and synchronous mirroring for data protection and failover
  • data replication; globally, locally, protect entire sites or specific data to handle planned and unplanned outages
  • server-free data migration
Models & Features 42U Main Rack 42U Expansion Rack 25U Main Rack 25U Expansion Rack
Raw capacity 252TB 336TB 126TB 168TB
Usable capacity 216TB 288TB 108TB 144TB
12-port Fibre Channel Switches 2 Active/Active Redundant Optional 2 Active/Active Redundant Optional
24-port IP Switches 2 Active/Active Redundant Optional 2 Active/Active Redundant Optional
4Gbps FC Host Ports 4 Standard Optional 4 Standard Optional
1Gbps IP Host Ports 16 Standard Optional 16 Standard Optional
DATABeast Controllers 2 Active/Active Redundant Optional 2 Active/Active Redundant Optional

Flexible volume provisioning

With the Nexsan DATABeast, volumes can be divided from the main storage pool as virtual volumes, snapshot volumes, & thin provisioned volumes.

Virtual volumes can be carved directly from the main storage pool, and can be up to 16TB in a standard configuration, with an option to have up to 64TB volumes. With virtual volumes, the logical size is equal to the physical allocation.

Snapshot volumes can be used as dynamically growing volumes specified as read-only or read/write. Snapshot volumes can be used as the production volume, or be utilized to roll back the production volume.

The thin provisioning of volumes is the most powerful capability of the Nexsan DATABeast. Unlike virtual volumes, thinly provisioned volume logical sizes are not tied to a physical allocation. Thin provision volumes can be setup to grow in increments as certain capacity thresholds are met. With the Nexsan DATABeast, thin provisioned volumes can be given various initial sizes, virtual sizes, and capacity limits, and provide high watermark notification as needed.

Synchronous Mirroring

The Nexsan DATABeast features built-in synchronous mirroring over Fibre Channel. Mirroring can be performed within the same rack, within the data center, or across dark fibre as required. Synchronous mirroring setting can be LUN-specific, and once the write is performed to both storage systems, notification is sent to verify data. Nexsan DATABeast synchronous mirroring is designed so volumes can be re-synced, and snapshot taken from the mirror can be usable as a new production volume.

Asynchronous Mirroring

With snapshot-based asynchronous mirroring on the Nexsan DATABeast, specific LUNs be be replicated across any IP network. With the DATABeast re-synching is easy, and snapshots are automatically dissolved into the production volume, and can be maintained so either site can roll back a volume as needed.

Reliability, Availability, Serviceability

The Nexsan DATABeast features an resilient architecture designed to minimize disruption, and includes:

  • dual power circuits
  • multi-path FC ports for FC servers
  • multi-path IP for NAS clients
  • redundant SAN controllers
  • redundant switches
  • dual power supplies
  • dual controllers
  • support for multiple RAID levels

AutoMAID™ Green Storage Technology

Nexsan’s patented MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) technology, AutoMAID, is designed to provide real cost savings by reducing the energy requirements & thermal output of unused drives. This feature comes standard on all of Nexsan’s SATABoy disk arrays, and provides transparent cost savings without requiring any software changes. AutoMAID allows IT to choose what combination of cost savings and performance requirements fits their business needs, with three levels of “idleness”:

Level 1: at this level, disks can achieve 15% - 20% savings by unloading the head. The disks keep spinning though, providing sub-second recovery times

Level 2: achieve 35% - 45% savings by unloading the heads and slowing the disk down to 4000 RPM. At this level, recovery times average 15 seconds.

Level 3: maximize your savings by stopping the disk spin and putting it into sleep mode, but powered on. This level provides 60% - 75% savings, and 30-45 second recovery times.

Data is continuously verified with Nexsan’s AutoMAID technology, which performs periodic surface scans to ensure data integrity.

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