Infrastructure Solutions

As a hardware reseller for 20 years, North American Systems understands the complexities and challenges associated with IT infastructures. We offer a number of services that are designed to lower costs and streamline IT operations, simplifying management and administration tasks so IT departments can enhance agility and responsiveness, and focus on providing real business value to their organizations.


  • Capacity Planning Assessments
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • IBM POWER Consolidation
  • Server Virtualization & Consolidation
  • Storage Virtualization & Consolidation
  • North American Systems has been designing and implementing virtualization solutions for over ten years. Virtualization is essential for IT organizations today, simplifying administration, increasing resource utilization, and enabling agility with streamlined provisioning of IT resources.

    North American System’s virtualization solutions enable technologies like DR to become cost-effective and manageable. North American Systems also offers desktop virtualization solutions and storage virtualization and consolidation. NASI’s key virtualization partners include market leaders VMware and Citrix.


  • Business Continuity
  • Data Protection for IBM Systems
  • Disaster Recovery
  • DR Automation
  • HA for IBM POWER
  • High Availability
  • North American Systems designs, develops, and implements end-to-end data protection solutions that meet our customers unique requirements, balancing budget constraints with uptime and recovery time objectives.

    Our resiliency solutions include everything from disaster recovery, which protects data from primary site failures, to high avability, which ensures that applications continue running and access to data is interrupted.

    Data protection is now becoming more of a requirement than an option, because of regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley. Our data protection solutions are designed to help resolve the compliance challenges your organization faces.


  • Archival & Retention
  • Backup
  • Deduplication
  • Mirroring
  • Remote Replication
  • SnapShot
  • The rapid growth of data storage and retention requirements is partially manageable as the cost/TB of the physical data storage continues to drop, but the management and administration requirements of these growing and multiplying storage devices are a challenge for many IT organizations.

    These challenges require new approaches, and North American Systems designs storage optimization solutions that leverage our previous success with storage implementations with our best practices, and combines it with cutting-edge technologies from carefully-selected partners to make the storage, protection and governance of data easier and more cost-effective.


  • Digital Video Surveillance
  • Endpoint Security
  • IBM POWER Security
  • PCI-DSS Assessments
  • Strong Server Authentication
  • IT organizations face an increasing variety of threats from a variety of sources. As intellectual property and corporate data become more valuable to organizations, keeping it secure and out of the wrong hands is critical.

    North American Systems offers a wide variety of security solutions designed to protect your IT assets and data from the full threat landscape. Physical assets can be protected with our digital video surveillance, servers can be protected with two-factor authentication, and PCs and laptops can be protected with our endpoint protection solutions.

    North American System’s security solutions are designed to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance while streamlining management and administration tasks.