ProLiant DL365

HP ProLiant DL365Maximized concentrated CPU power with 2 x AMD Opteron dual-core processors

The HP ProLiant offers a fault-tolerant compute solution that support AMD’s newest dual-core Opteron processors. Leveraging the newest technologies such as DDR2 memory, high-performance SAS drives, & PCI Express I/O expansion, the DL365 platform is a great 1U system that enables rapid scaling as needed.

  • up to 32GB DDR2
  • support of SFF (small form factor) hard drives, high-performance SAS or high-capacity SATA, to preserve datacenter floor space
  • support for new HE (high efficiency) Opteron processors for improved performance/watt
  • dual Gigabit Ethernet adapters with TCP/IP offload engine (TOE)
  • 2 x PCI Express slots standard with an optional PCI-X
  • up to 1333MHz front-side bus

Reliability, Availability, Serviceability

  • walk-up systems diagnostics
  • redundant fans and optional redundant power supplies
  • advanced memory protection
  • ability to configure NICs for performance or redundancy with TOE
  • battery-backed cache
HP ProLiant DL365 Models
Model DL365 G5
Processors 2 x AMD Opteron dual-core /w 2MB L2 cache
Memory 1GB - 32GB
Internal Hard Drive Bays 6
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Parts & Upgrades for HP ProLiant DL365

Part Number Category Description
375859-B21 Storage 36.4GB Pluggable SAS SFF 10,000 rpm Universal Hard Drive
375861-B21 Storage 72.8GB Pluggable SAS SFF 10,000 rpm Universal Hard Drive
379306-B21 Storage 60-GB Pluggable SFF SATA 5,400 rpm Drive (1 inch)
411358-421 Servers DL365R01 O2210 (1.8GHz-1M/1000 DC) 1P 1GB SA E200 (entry)
411359-421 Servers DL365R01 O2214HE (2.2GHz-1M/1000 DC) 1P 1GB SA P400 (base)
411360-421 Servers DL365R01 O2218 (2.6GHz-1M/1000 DC) 1P 1GB SA P400 (base)
411361-421 Servers DL365R01 O2218 (2.6GHz-1M/1000 DC) 2P 2GB P400 BBWC DVD RPS (perf)
411362-B21 CPU Dual-Core AMD Opteron 2218 (2.6GHz-1M/1000) Processor Option Kit
411365-B21 CPU Dual-Core AMD Opteron 2216 (2.4GHz-1M/1000) Processor Option Kit
411368-B21 CPU Dual-Core AMD Opteron 2214HE (2.2GHz-1M/1000) Processor Option Kit
411374-B21 CPU Dual-Core AMD Opteron 2210 (1.8GHz-1M/1000) Processor Option Kit
419487-B21 CPU Dual-Core AMD Opteron 2216HE (2.4GHz-1M/1000) Processor Option Kit
431786-B21 Storage 120-GB Pluggable SFF SATA 5,400 rpm Drive (1 inch)
431933-B21 Storage 36.4GB Pluggable SAS SFF 15,000 rpm Universal Hard Drive
431935-B21 Storage 72.8GB Pluggable SAS SFF 15,000 rpm Universal Hard Drive
431958-B21 Storage 146GB Pluggable SAS SFF 10,000 rpm Universal Hard Drive
434933-B21 CPU Dual-Core AMD Opteron 2210HE (1.8GHz-1M/1000) Processor Option Kit

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