Storage Systems For Digital Assets

Storage Networking and Management Systems For Graphics and Prepress Industries

Graphics Systems has been on the cutting edge of storage systems for over ten years. We sell:

  • disk
  • SSD (solid-state disk) &
  • tape

hardware for applications such as:

  • ILM
  • HSM
  • SAN
  • archival/backup
  • business continuity
  • disaster and data recovery
  • nearline and production data systems
  • application caching

Our early adoption of the technologies like SAN has contributed greatly to our success. We wait for technologies to mature just enough to be proven, but still provide a competitive advantage in terms of what our clients can provide to their customers.

Our Featured Storage Partners

  • Hitachi Data Systems - we are a national VAR of Hitachi’s high-powered fibre disk arrays…
  • Rorke Data Galaxy - moderately priced rack-mount JBODs and RAID…
  • SGI InfiniteStorage - these highly scalable disk array backplanes can also support the new SATA technology…
  • Apple Xserve RAID- these RAID systems offer Fibre connectivity, low-cost SATA disks, and a 1U form factor…
  • BlueArc - scale bandwidth and capacity separately with these NAS that feature hard-wired ASICs…

Refurbished prepress equipment programs

In some cases, it makes sense to obtain your prepress equipment used or refurbished, rather than new. Graphics Systems International can provide the right companies with the right equipment to fulfill performance requirements and conform to budget restrictions.

Whether you are looking for fully configured used or refurbished prepress equipment or just inexpensive upgrades to extend the life of your existing and legacy equipment, GSI can be your one-stop shop for everything!

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