Servers Optimized For Graphics Production Environments

Premium Prepress Equipment from Graphics Systems International

Graphics Systems International’s technical staff and consultants have over ten years of experience in the business of sizing, planning, and configuring servers for:

  • OPI production environments
  • image repurposing
  • PDF output & spooling
  • graphics file server and digital asset management
  • data archival & management

Apple Logo Graphics Systems International has a wealth of information to help you decide which systems is best for you, based on your requirements for:

  • budget
  • performance
  • capacity
  • scalability
  • availability/reliability

Sales engineers at GSI are experienced and knowledgeable in what hardware is interoperable with your existing hardware, and what configuration is best for you, based on your unique production environment.

With a unique focus on graphic workflows and how graphics professionals work, GSI can take a holistic view of your production environment, existing hardware and network topography, and suggest what will work best to meet your requirements.

Our featured system vendors:

  • Sun Fire - these low-cost systems feature a popular UNIX-based operating environment, and reliability, availability and Serviceability options…
  • Apple XServe - these slim, inexpensive servers feature the PowerPC G5 processors…

Refurbished prepress equipment programs

In some cases, it makes sense to obtain your prepress equipment used or refurbished, rather than new. Graphics Systems International can provide the right companies with the right equipment to fulfill performance requirements and conform to budget restrictions.

Whether you are looking for fully configured used or refurbished prepress equipment or just inexpensive upgrades to extend the life of your existing and legacy equipment, GSI can be your one-stop shop for everything!

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