Digital Proofing

Shorten production cycles & minimize film waste

Businesses today still struggle with expensive & lengthy approval and proofing processes. These processes unnecessarily slow down production and time-to-market. Printing organizations need better proofing solutions to cater to today’s business culture that demand agility in the marketplace.

GSI offers a couple of different proofing solutions that allow organizations to proof online remotely. Whether you need to softproof over the web, or hardproof from the browser to save on film and other media costs, GSI can design a solution that integrates into your existing architecture, and maximizes efficiencies.

RealTime Proof Partner LogoRealTimeProof

RealTimeProof is a suite of tools for remote proofing and approval is designed to reduce timelines and reduce the costs association with the courier costs normally associated with proofing processes.

Black Magic LogoSerendipity Blackmagic

In addition to making proofs from ripped files, Blackmagic enables you to create contract-quality proofs from any RIP without having to disrupt your workflow.

GSI can show you how to use an effective solution as much more than a tool to streamline production processes. You can turn a great proofing solution from GSI into a competitive advantage that attracts and retains customers.

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