Professional Services

Professional consulting services for your digital prepress workflow solution

Upon first contact with one of our digital prepress consultants, we will start to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your graphics production environment. We will work with you on ways and solutions that will:

  • maximize the efficiency of your creative professionals
  • add features and capabilities that can be used as selling points, and keep current customers loyal
  • streamline your electronic prepress workflow by eliminating bottlenecks
  • ensure the availability of your digital assets and other mission-critical data
  • save you money


Planning your digital prepress and/or digital asset management solution involves one of our prepress consultants gathering information regarding your current production environment, including:

  • what operating systems and software are you currently using, if any
  • existing hardware in your production environment , including RIPs, plate setters, and printers
  • how big your graphic asset library is (or needs to be)
  • at what rate will your storage demand for your digital assets rise
  • how many production users you have
  • how many web-based end users will you have to support, including clients and vendors


After the planning phase is done, our consultants evaluate your production requirements and work closely with our hardware and software partners to help determine what configurations would work best. We can provide our customers with a myriad of different options and configurations, and keep you in the know when it comes to rebates and specials on products that interest you.


Before we ship your digital prepress workflow and/or digital asset management solutions, we get it up and running in our lab, to ensure:

  • hardware is operational, and wasn't damaged during shipping
  • hardware and software is interoperable
  • all parts and components that are supposed to ship with the hardware are included
  • the configuration and installation will perform as expected

The remote staging of your prepress equipment will reduce the possibility of unexpected surprises, and ensure that during testing, your investment will remain under the manufacturers warranty, as we attempt to replicate your existing digital prepress workflow, and double-check to make sure it works as intended.


We can install and integrate your new digital prepress software solutions with your prepress production workflow and equipment.

Utilizing our experience and knowledge of industry best practices, we can get your entire prepress solution and/or digital asset management software up and running in the best configuration for your prepress workflow, to make sure you are getting the most from your systems.


Portfolio Development

Having a quality solution to provide for customers is mission-critical for us, that’s why we only provide industry-proven software and equipment.

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