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Prepress Workflow Solutions

Xinet FullPress Streamlines Digital Prepress Workflows

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The gold standard of prepress workflow software, FullPress maximizes the output of your infrastructure and creative professionals. By centralizing and normalizing your file repository, you can maximize the efficiency of your disk space usage.

Production steps can be reduced, streamlining your workflow, and eliminating or automating many time-consuming tasks.

Xinet Logo File Serving & File Sharing

Placing images on a centralized server can make the file simultaneously available for your re-touching professionals, and layout designers. Multiple users can work on the same file at the same time, a process that is completely transparent to the user. This can aid to dramatically speed up turnaround times, and allow you to meet more deadlines.

Image Replacement & OPI

Maximize the lifecycle of your production equipment with a workflow solution that allows the placement of low-res FPO (for placement only) files into documents, reducing unnecessary bandwidth usage.

Print Spooling & Output Generation

FullPress optimizes your output by sending only the necessary image data to the desired output.

Also there are options for image conversion within FullPress, including converting image file type, color space, scaling for output device, unsharp masking, and source cropping

FullPress Enhancements

Picture Wrangler - image updating and re-linking plug-in for InDesign, QuarkXPress and Illustrator.

Queue Master - print queue manager. Users can stop, start, prioritize and move jobs awaiting output.

Xinet CM - (Contextual Menus) allows users to easily find and open files without navigating through the file system

FullPress XT - for QuarkXPress extends Quark's functionality in an OPI workflow

ICC Color Management - built-in ICC compliant color correction engine

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