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Many prepress and creative professionals spend inordinate amounts of time searching for and locating digital assets for projects, and recreating ones if they can't find them. This problem is not going away anytime soon, as the great majority of digital asset collections seem to increase in size over time.

Streamline Production

Xinet’s WebNative and WebNative Venture content management system is designed to optimize your workflow.

  • reduce delivery times and cost
  • organize and search optimize images with metadata
  • removing steps in your workflow with online soft-proofing
  • customers can also download files for hard-proofs
  • speed up the approval process
  • allowing users and customers to find and download assets without host or operator intervention
  • provide access to files from any location, 24 hours a day, which helps eliminate workflow bottlenecks
  • lets customers zoom in to check registration and rosettes
Digital Asset Management
Xinet WebNative
Xinet WebNative Venture

Browse Digital Assets

Create catalogs and collections for end-users, and other specific projects. Files can be easily accessed, previewed, downloaded, repurposed, and uploaded, depending on permissions granted by the administrator.

Search Digital Assets

WebNative VentureWebNative Venture, an enhanced version of WebNative, includes all of WebNative’s functionality, plus the functionality of an integrated SQL database for easy searching by metatags.


Creative professionals and customers can now work together from remote locations, regardless of platform, utilizing WebNative’s web-based GUI. Your users can stream PDFs over the web for real-time updating, and do on-the-fly conversion for different image types.


WebNative LogoNow you have a system to easily track down, synchronize, and find the best image version to use, depending on the image type. Image retouching professionals can now retouch images, while others are integrating them into page layouts, and they can dynamically synchronize.


Graphics Systems International offers many plugins to enhance and customize your current or planned digital asset management system. They include:

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