Fibre Channel Storage Solutions

Fibre Channel RAIDs and arrays for Fibre Channel SAN

Fibre Channel hardware, including fibre disk and fibre switches, remains the technology of choice for high performance, low-latency storage. The protocols can exceed 4Gbps. Some of the featured fibre disk products we offer are from:

Fibre channel technology offers point-to-point, shared or arbitrated loop (FC-AL), switched, and fabric topologies. Fibre channel hardware can be mapped over SCSI (FCP), or ESCON (FICON) protocols, and can also be “tunneled” over TCP/IP networks (FCIP). Internet Fibre Channel Protocol (iFCP) can support Fibre Channel Layer 4 FCP over TCP/IP now too, so you can utilize Fibre channel storage devices while utilizing your existing IP network.

Fibre Switches

North American Systems also offers Fibre switches for high-performance, cost-effective Fibre channel connectivity. Our featured Fibre channel networking hardware includes:

  • QLogic - we offer modular Fabric switches and their new stackable Fibre Channel and IP combination switches
  • Brocade - representing cutting-edge fibre SAN technology, with redundant, hot-pluggable components, hot code activation, automatic path rerouting, and extensive diagnostics


Oftentimes, to connect your Fibre Channel network into most servers, you need a host bus adapter (HBA). North American Systems offers a wide variety of HBAs, and knows what will work best for your enterprise, based on your host systems and fibre storage devices. Some of our manufacturers include:

  • QLogic - these rock-solid HBAs ensure available and eliminate data bottlenecks
  • Emulex - offers a very wide variety of HBAs to fit almost any imaginable connectivity need

Refurbished and Used Fibre Channel equipment and storage

North American Systems offer many options to enable you to receive the best hardware that will meet your business needs without breaking the bank. That’s why North American Systems offers a wide variety of refurbished Fibre Channel networking and storage equipment. If you are searching for the best price for used fibre hardware, email North American Systems today at to get a quote.

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