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Finally, A Platform-Independent, Web-Hosted EDI Solution

Eventually, almost every company will need to perform a number of their transactions electronically. Many large buyers are requiring that their distributors and manufacturers be EDI compliant, and as smaller companies run to jump on the EDI bandwagon, they fail to realize just how complex and expensive the whole process can be.

The complexity of maintaining your own translation system in-house, and the price of having an EDI expert on site at all times, combined with the amount of time your IT department will be tied up confirming and providing details of transactions, and the ROI on this investment is off in the distance.

There is a solution:

Upstream software started in 1996 as a consulting group specializing in EDI and other web-based applications for Fortune 1000 companies, that switched to become an Application Service Provider to offer companies a better way to conduct e-Commerce.

Our solution:

Is Easily Implemented - no need to waste your IT staff’s time and knowledge mapping individual transactions, we have a team of trained staff to use our knowledge database of already-mapped transactions to get your EC/EDI system up and running quickly and easily.

Doesn’t require additional hardware - no sunk costs on a new box, all you need is an internet connection

Integrates into your backend - eliminating manual data entry of transactions is where the ROI of EDI is really experienced, yet this rarely happens. Upstream and North American will help integrate the solution into your backend system, pushing and pulling data directly from the application

Utilizes a variety of protocols - ASP, Java, C++, HTML, XML, and other proprietary database formats are no problems for North American and Upstream, who have a broad range of expertise and experience in these areas. Some Upstream executives were involved with the first EDI solution and many have more than two decades of EDI experience. Communication can be enabled using FTP or VAN

Offers Availability - anywhere, anytime, anyone with the rights to access information about particular transactions or activity can using a web browser

Allows You To Focus On Your Core Competency - this completely outsourced solution allows you to focus on your business, not spend all day ironing out EDI issues and problems, and confirming and fixing transactions. Our unique monitoring and response notification capabilities allow us to anticipate and fix any problems before they affect you

Reduces Costs - no expensive software solution, no extra servers, no increase of staff size. This pay-as-you-go system reduces your financial risk and cost

Handles SDQ - allows you to enter multiple ship-to addresses in one PO

Tracks End-To-End - Using Transaction LifeCycle, anyone with access to a browser can search and view the entire transaction cycle for better and faster customer service, and dispute reconciliation

North American Systems has been providing IT solutions, sevices and hardware for over 15 years.

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