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SNA-free way of connecting legacy devices together with telenet and TCP/IP

Lower your total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) by maximizing the life of your existing Twinax network and architecture with the eTwinax Controller from Bosanova. This simple and efficient protocol of securing terminals and client Access to an IBM AS/400 can now be provided securely over TCP/IP protocol, extending connectivity to local and remote hosts to anyone in your organization, regardless of location.

  • Supports all Twinax display stations, printers (both SCS and IPDS), and existing cabling.
  • Eliminates SNA, AnyNet and MPTN traffic.
  • Turnkey hardware/software solution.
  • Remote management via a Web browser, saving you valuable technical resources.
  • Unbeatable uptime and disaster recovery.
  • The only Anynet alternative (MPTN) with pure TCP/IP.
  • Allows up to 14 Twinax devices to run on a single line,
  • Configure any combination of dumb terminals, Twinax printers and Windows 95/98/NT/XP PCs
  • 1U form factor for space-saving rackmount configuration
  • Provides an interface to Citrix Metaframe supporting Twinax technology or other corporate intranet computing for PCs using IP over Twinax
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Now you can maintain legacy Twinax devices like high-speed printers and “dumb terminals ” at remote sites. All devices appear as TN5250 devices on your AS/400, so you can connect any PC devices via dumb terminal emulation or by installing the eTwinax version of Bosanova TCP/IP or other IBM TCP/IP drivers to connect to the AS/400 over TCP/IP. Since the e-Twinax Controller can be connected to the AS/400 via the Internet, you can save a fortune in leased line expenses.

The Bosanova eTwinax Controller is OS V5R2 Certified and a 2003 APEX Award Winner. It was rated 3.79 (out of 4) in eServer Magazine, iSeries edition, February, 2003, with the author noting, "e-Twinax Controller helps you preserve your hardware investment in terminals and printers while you develop or expand your network infrastructure."

Uses & Features of the eTwinax Controller

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