Data Archival Solutions

Reduce the risks & costs of archiving your data

Data archival has becoming a more expensive and daunting task, due to the increasing amount of data that must be archived. In addition regulatory compliance needs have also greatly increased the amount of data and length of time business data must be stored.

North American Systems International has a wide variety of experience providing data archival and retention solutions for enterprises & small and medium businesses. Our unique vendor-neutral approach ensures that our customers receive the best solution that fits their budget.

Our approach to providing data archival solutions centers around the success of our customers, aiming to reduce their TCO (total cost of ownership), while maximizing their ROI (return on investment), with a cost effective solution that is appropriate for their business.

Email Archival

The process of effectively and properly archiving and vaulting messaging stores is a challenging one for IT departments today. As email boxes grow rapidly in terms of data capacity more storage is required and can result in rapidly increasing storage & storage management costs. North American Systems offers unique email archival solutions designed to reduce costs, simplify management, and manage risks in response to changes in how the FRCP (Federal Rules for Civil Procedure) treats electronically stored information for eDiscovery.


Meeting the challenges of eDiscovery requirements significantly increases storage requirements, as IT departments must have defensible data preservation and retention policies in place, and be able to prove compliance through audits & reports.

North American Systems offers eDiscovery solutions that reduces the costs associated with exporting .PST files, and then searching, scrutinizing and culling messages and other data. Data retention policies can be automatically enforced and broken to respond to legal holds, and reduce the risks involved with failing to meet deadlines or not providing complete responses to eDiscovery requests.


Write-once-read-many (WORM) media is required to maintain compliance with various data preservation regulations, to prove that data has not been tampered with, erased, or altered in any way. North American Systems offers a variety of WORM solutions that can ensure compliance with eDiscovery and other regulatory requirements.

North American Systems has been providing IT solutions, sevices and hardware for over 15 years.

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