Clustering Services and Solutions

Already successful and widely used in many scientific computing environments where supercomputing power is required, clustering technology is becoming more accessible and advantageous for many business workloads.

HA Clusters

High availability clusters, or failover clusters, are designed to maximize availability by having multiple nodes that can continue to provide services when one node fails.

HPC Clusters

Often used in scientific applications like research & life sciences, petroleum exploration, and graphics rendering for engineering design workloads, high-performance clusters split computing tasks across multiple nodes in the cluster, and actively communicate results to other nodes. HPC is also used for things like weather simulation, business intelligence and data mining, financial analysis, digital media & special effects, and portfolio simulation.

Load Balancing

A load balancing cluster is optimal for busy Web applications that utilize databases such as MySQL and Oracle. One cluster normally takes all incoming traffic and distributes it among back-end nodes. Normally referred to a server farm, this configuration not only optimizes performance, it also provides high availability functionality as well.

Clustering Benefits

Configuring systems as clusters, to make them act as one large resource has a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • consolidation of IT resources
  • maximization of computing power
  • sharing of processing power geographically
  • disaster recovery
  • failover protection from system failover
  • scalability without downtime
  • centralized management

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