Brocade FastIron WS

Intelligence Edge Switching for Workgroups & Unified CommunicationsBrocade FastIron WS

The Brocade FastIron WS workgroup switches are 1U form factor switches with enterprise-class Layer 2/Layer 3 capabilities.Available as 24-port and 48-port models, the FastIron WS switches can be configured or upgraded with PoE to support unified communications, and support for Layer 3 features can be added as well.

Power over Ethernet

  • standards-based IEEE 802.3af support
  • PoE auto-detection to simultaneously support PoE and non-PoE devices without modifying configuration
  • software accessible system and per-port power consumption
  • interoperable with popular VoIP equipment

Advanced Security

  • featuring IronShield 360 for system-wide, automated, closed-loop threat detection and mitigation
  • multilevel access security to console
  • secure, web-based management
  • Secure Shell, SCP& SNMPv3
  • TACACS/TACACS+ & RADIUS operator authentication
  • MAC filters, Layer 3/Layer 4 ACS, binding ACLs to TELNET
  • IEEE 802.1x authentication with multiple device authentication, dynamic VLAN, ACL and MAC filter assignment
  • Denial of Service Protection
  • Port security and MAC address locking
  • MAC address authenticationnn
  • policy-controlled MAC-based VLANs
  • Dynamic ARP Inspection and DHCP snooping
  • private VLANs

Quality of Service

  • packet classification, reclassification, policing, marking, re-marking
  • identify and classify/reclassify traffic based on port, source/destination IP address or MAC address, MAC address, 802.1p priority bit, Type of Service, DSCP, TCP/UDP port
  • Flexible queue servicing with WRR (Weighted Round Robin), SP (Strict Priority), or hybrid WRR/SP
  • 8 hardware queues
  • Ingress rate limiting — standard & extended ACL control, per VLAN, per port
  • Egress rate shaping per port
  • ACLs configured on a per-port, per-VLAN basis
  • Support for up to 256 wire-speed ingress traffic policers
  • sFlow & port mirroring on the same port

System & Network Resilience

  • port range with port speed downshift and slective auto-negotiation
  • port loop detection for Layer 1/Layer 2 loops
  • image checksum verification
  • next boot information
  • BPDU & root Guard, Single Link LACP, Port Loop Detection, Port Flap Dampening, Trunk Threshold

Brocade FastIron WS Specifications

Model Switching Performance Forwarding Performance Port Density Trunk Groups
WS624, WS624-EPREM 12 Gbps 9 Mpps 10/100 Mbps
20 plus 4-port Combo
WS624-POE 12 Gbps 9 Mpps 10/100 Mbps PoE
20 plus 4-port Combo
WS624G, WS624G-EPREM 48 Gbps 36 Mpps 10/100/1000 Mbps
20 plus 4-port Combo
WS624G-POE 48 Gbps 36 Mpps 10/100/1000 Mbps PoE
20 plus 4-port Combo
WS648, WS648-EPREM 16.8 Gbps 12.6 Mpps 10/100 Mbps
44 plus 4-port Combo
WS648-POE 16.8 Gbps 12.6 Mpps 10/100 Mbps PoE
44 plus 4-port Combo
WS648G, WS648G-EPREM 96 Gbps 72 Mpps 10/100/1000 Mbps
44 plus 4-port Combo
WS648G-POE 96 Gbps 72 Mpps 10/100/1000 Mbps PoE
44 plus 4-port Combo
  • 802.1x authentication & dynamic VLAN assignment
  • MAC-based VLANs
  • multi-device authenticaiton and dynamic VLAN assignment
  • 8 ports per trunk
  • 16,000 maximum MAC addresses
  • 100Base-FX and 100Base-BX 100 Mbps optics
  • SX, SX2, LX, LHA, LGB, 1000Base-BX and CWDM Gigabit Ethenet optics
  • up to 4096 VLANs
  • maximum 253 STP
  • up to 1000 hardware routes
  • v1, v2, & v3 IGMP snooping
  • v1 & v2 MLD snooping
  • PIM-SM snopping
  • IGMP proxy for static groups
  • L3 ACL

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