BOS Web (previously Jadvantage)

AS/400 TN5250 Emulation & client access over TCP/IP

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Previously called Jadvantage, BOS Web, or Bosanova Web is a secure way to establish a host-client connection via the web. With this enterprise-wide solution, you can offer AS/400-to-desktop TN5250e GUI display emulation, SCS printer emulation, and native AS/400 SQL data transfer to remote users such as those at branches or various sales staff. Bosanova Web’s security features, based on SSL encryption mechanisms, ensure a safe and secure connection to the AS/400 via the Web.

  1. Provides AS/400 on-the-fly GUI display emulation including macros, keyboard mapping, mouse support, color mapping and toolbar customization.
  2. The server installs on an AS/400 (directly from the CD drive, if desired) or on a Windows NT/2000/XP PC. The client is deployed automatically to all Internet or network attached workstations.
  3. Affords quick and extremely user-friendly system configuration, monitoring and control.
  4. Supports full SCS Windows printing via a plug-in that is installed and initiated via the browser.
  5. Employs the SSL protocol with both server and client digital certificates authentication to ensure secure and confidential bi-directional communication between the server and clients.
  6. Enables display of a graphic file found on the server whose name matches a string selected from the display session screen.
  7. Supports login to Bosanova Web using the host sign-on services; the display session automatically generates a sign-on bypass to the host.
  8. Includes a “thin” Web server that runs on Bosanova Web, eliminating the need for an additional Web server
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Business benefits

  • more control of host system access
  • no loss of functionality = no loss of productivity
  • no additional software purchases required
  • cost savings against multiple installation
  • more cost-effective purchase
  • cost savings on installation and administration
  • cost savings on multiple machine upgrading and administration


  • browser-based emulation
  • centralized deployment and security
  • TN5250e sessions, JDTF, SCS printing
  • SSL security
  • concurrent licensing
  • processor license option


  • no client install
  • single upgrade
  • single point of entry to the iSeries | AS/400
  • full emulation facilities

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