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BlueArc’s unique architecture provides investment protection by enabling enterprises to scale I/O, performance and capacity without requiring the purchase of a new systems, and allowing for the granular upgrade of storage systems, without having to purchase unnecessary components. Upgrades to firmware & hardware, and expansion of storage capacity can be done on the field, greatly reducing the need for “forklift” upgrades.

Network Interface Module

BlueArc Titan Network Interface ModuleThe BlueArc NIM carries out the networking and management tasks of the Titan systems. The Network Interface Modules support advanced management capabilities such as IEEE802.3ad link aggregation, and can handle transmitting and receiving from standard and jumbo Ethernet frames. Available in a configuration offering dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber XFP interfaces, or one with six Gigabit Ethernet copper or fiber SFP interfaces, the Network Interface Module carries out the TCP, UDP, and IP processing at the hardware level, and a dedicated Ethernet and RS-232 interface is provided for management.

BlueArc Titan Network Interface Module
User interface Gigabit Ethernet (IEEE 802.3z), full-duplex support of IEEE 802.3x, link aggregation IEE 802.3ad, jumbo frame support up to 9,180 bytes), VLAN tagging 802.1Q
Number of ports Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet or six Gigabit Ethernet copper or fiber
Data interfaces 1000BaseSX SFP & 1000BaseTX SFP
Port configuration Port-independent configuration, multiple IP addresses per interface
Module diagnostics Module status LEDs
Port diagnostics Port activity LEDs, port status LEDs

File System Modules

BlueArc Titan File System Module ABlueArc File System Modules are available in three configurations, FSA, FSX, & FSB, and carry out the filesystem execution operations. The FSA module is a general purpose file system module, while the FSX is an optional file system module that enables protocol acceleration for environments with large numbers of Windows clients or application servers.

BlueArc Titan File System Module BThe FSB file system module is a battery-backed NVRAM while protects against data loss in the event of unplanned downtime, and can be protected by a mirrored NVRAM in a clustered configuration. These modules are dedicated to protocol processing for CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, and NDMP, and are help deliver the high throughput and low latency the Titan is capable of. These modules also maximize the efficiency of directory searches and file lookups.

Storage Interface Module

BlueArc Storage Interface ModuleThe BlueArc SIM controls the RAID striping, disk & storage management, and provides a high-speed 10Gbps cluster interconnect for maximum performance. This hardware-level execution of parallel RAID striping across LUNs enables capacity to be added with a minimal impact on performance. In addition, the BlueArc Titan Storage Interface Modules have a massive disk cache for rapid access to frequently-used data.

BlueArc Titan Storage Interface Module Specifications
User interface type Fibre channel & SFP connectors
Number of ports Quad FC ports, dual 10GbE cluster ports
FC port interfaces 1, 2 or 4Gbps switched or port-to-port
Port configuration Port-independent configuration
Module diagnostics Module status LEDs
Port diagnostics Port activity LEDs, port status LEDs