BlueArc Titan Silicon Server

BlueArc LogoSAN/NAS file server

BlueArc's Titan Silicon file server has the unique ability to server your enterprise's primary, nearline, and archive storage within the same storage system. Built on the SiliconServer Architecture, the Titan SAN/NAS file server includes enterprise-class features like data migrations, replications and anti-virus support. Maximizing data access and user loads with extremely reduced latency with the BlueArc Titan results in increased productivity at a significantly lower TCO (total cost of ownership) than other similar solutions.

BlueArc TitanFeatures include:

  • 256 TB capacity
  • 256 TB maximum volume size
  • can be integrated into SAN and NAS
  • FC or SATA drives
  • 5Gbps performance, scales to 20Gbps full-duplex performance with a modular upgrade
  • RAID 1,5, and RAID 10 support, as well as parallel RAID striping
  • up to 14 GB server cache
  • no single point of failure
  • redundant, load sharing power supplies

The BlueArc Titan file server for SAN and NAS features a modular architecture to eliminate replacements costs, and provide maximum flexibility and uptime, so you can upgrade specific server modules without having to purchase another storage system.

Network Interface Module

The BlueArc Titan NIM carries out TCP, UDP, and IP processing, and provides the networking and management interfaces in this dedicated hardware module. All four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are configurable to support IEEE802.3 and link aggregation functions, and can accept and transmit both standard and jumbo Ethernet frames. It also has four dedicated 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces, as well as two RS-232 serial interfaces for management functionality, allowing management to be separated from the prime data paths.

File System Module

The File System module carry out the protocol processing, including CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, and NDMP, as well as all of the file system operating on the dedicated hardware. The BlueArc Titan FSA File System Module implements battery-backed and mirror NCRAM, to ensure against data loss in the event of a power failure. The FSB File System Module is solely responsible for managing the unique SiliconStack at the heart of the BlueArc Titan's Silicon File System. The file systems modules utilize hardware acceleration to speed up directory searches and file lookups, making them faster and more efficient, reducing access times and latency.

Storage Interface Module

The BlueArc Titan SIM module is responsible for disk and storage management, as well as a high-speed interconnect to other Titan systems. This modular add-on supports a very large data cache for rapid access to commonly used data. This unique modular approach supports data movement and management in the dedicated hardware specially designed for this task.

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