BlueArc Si8700 SiliconServer

BlueArc LogoHigh Performance NAS Device

Designed to deliver continuous availability, simple data management, while maximizing the value of your storage investment, the BlueArc Si8700 SiliconServer provides a wire-speed NAS solution for enterprise environments.

BlueArc Si8700Features include:

  • 98 TB capacity
  • 16 TB maximum volume size
  • 2 GB RAID controller
  • 2 GB file system cache
  • 2 GB metadata cache
  • FC or ATA drives
  • supports CIFS, NFS, HTTP 1.0 & 1.1, FTP, and NDMP 2 & 3

The Si8700 NAS appliance provides client access for thousands of Unix and Windows users, via its unique modular form, which allows you to scale CPU, memory and bus traffic separately and inexpensively. The BlueArc Si8700 SiliconServer also includes supports for storage applications including snapshots, quotas, and anti-virus support, as well as Virtual Volumes, which allow for logically organized group directories with a volume, to which you can apply properties and services. The BlueArc 8700 NAS filer can be managed, monitored, and configured through its Web-based GUI.

The BlueArc Multi-Tiered Storage (MTS) enables you to manage and separate frequently accessed online storage from nearline and infrequently access archival data from a single NAS platform. You can mix and manage various storage media from a single BlueArc SiliconServer, allowing you to customize your storage solutions to meet your business needs.

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