BlueArc Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers enables rapid response to changing requirements

BlueArc’s virtual servers technology creates a logical representation of a physical server that can be managed independently with separate security authentication and policies. This technology breaks the tie between physical servers and their associated servers, enabling administrators to avoid bottlenecks, and optimize processing power by leveraging the power of multiple BlueArc Mercury or Titan nodes.

BlueArc’s midrange Mercury or enterprise-class Titan nodes can each support 64 Virtual Servers. Each one of these Virtual Servers can have an independent set of:

  • IP addresses
  • mount points
  • file systems

With Virtual Server technology, data can be migrated from one node to another within the same storage pool nearly instantaneously. This allows administrators to respond quickly and effectively to sudden spikes in demand for storage resources according to specific projects and workloads, and specific usage patterns. Then, as needs change, administrators can respond by optimizing the load balancing, availability and processing available to the Virtual Server.

In addition, administrators can create Virtual Server in order to share resources, segregate clients, and enable more logical management. Ideal for when compute-intensive or render projects require additional time, storage resources can be moved to a dedicated BlueArc Mercury or Titan node, and when the batch is done, moved back to its initial configuration.

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