BlueArc Storage Pools

Virtualize physical SAN storage and enable automatic growth of filesystems

BlueArc’s software architecture includes BlueArc Storage Pools. This tool allows filesystems to be provided with the benefit of using all of the disk spindles in the storage pool for optimal performance, and only use capacity as they grow, improving storage resource utilization and provisioning.

By offering a shared storage pool for file system capacity, administrators can solve the problem of not knowing which file systems will grow the fastest, and with BlueArc storage pools, add capacity as needed, automatically, dynamically, and without manual storage provisioning.

Storage pools can be shared across clustered BlueArc NAS systems, including Mercury 50, and Mercury 100. This technology also improves the performance scalability, and flexibility of BlueArc NAS solutions, and by allowing users to access any file system, directory, or file from any BlueArc node in a cluster, load balancing and data migration is transparent to users.

Storage Pools support snapshots at a more granular level of individual file systems versus the entire storage pool. Administrators can leverage the granularity of this snapshot technology to create separate file systems for active working spaces, and separate file systems for scratch space.

Storage Pools grow in administrator-configured space chunks, and then the file systems grow by the defined space chunks as growth triggers are reached. System monitoring provides for usage, growth and performance of each file systems, providing the IT staff with data that can be used to plan out future storage purchases.

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