BlueArc Data Migrator

Tiered Storage with automated data movement

BlueArc’s Data Migrator technology enables true tiered storage by allowing data to be migrated automatically to lower-cost, or higher-performance storage based on pre-defined policies.

This movement of data happens transparently to both users and application, enabling administrators to keep more data online longer by migrated infrequently utilized data to lower storage tiered, and upgrade it to a higher storage tier as requirements change. As data is moved, a “pointer” is left in the original file location, so anyone can access it like it had not been moved at all.

Policies are created quite easily with the Data Migrator tool, and there are a number of templates included that can set migration based on last access time and capacity threshold as well as user-defined criteria like file type, location, and size.

Different migration policies and templates can be tested live by running “What-If” analysis tools and reporting, to discover what impact a policy would have on the underlying storage.

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