Application Load Balancing

Reduce application bottlenecks

Network and web traffic can be performed via load balancers, ensuring maximum application availability and performance. A load balancer will handle client requests

Content Switching

Load balancers that perform content switching by routing specific user requests based on pre-defined policies. Layer 4 load balancing has been sufficient for many low-traffic sites routing traffic based on methods such as round robin (distributes each new request to the next server down the line), least connections (forwarding traffic to the server providing the least amount of connections), or response time (server response time are constantly monitoring, and traffic is routed to the one with the fastest response time), but increased traffic requires more sophisticated traffic distribution.

Layer 7 load balancing & content switching offers a much more granular method of directing traffic. For example, a user that requests a web page is normally requesting an HTML file, multiple images, CSS style sheets, and Javascripts. Content switching can forward the HTML request to one server, the image request to another, and so on. This provides much more application flexibility for performance tuning of applications.

SSL offloading & acceleration

For many transaction-based applications, SSL is a necessary technology to encrypt and secure traffic that contains sensitive information. Since SSL processing is such a CPU-intensive process, it is more efficient to offload the process to the load balancer. Allowing the load balancer to terminate HTTPS requests, handing the handshake process and un-encrypting data for application servers.

KEMP Technologies LoadMaster load balancing appliance provide for SSL acceleration and offloading, even offering ASIC cards that improve TPS (transactions per second) capacity.


Many load balancers allow traffic to be monitored in a unified user interface that allows administrators to identify problem traffic and requests. In addition, the KEMP Technologies LoadMaster load balancers include DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack mitigation.

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