QLogic SANbox 8200

QLogic SANbox 9000SSP for SAN data management & protection

The QLogic SANbox 8000 series of Storage Services Platforms enables the extension & centralization of management applications and shared storage resources across multiple SANs. Enterprises with multiple SAN islands can be connected with the SANbox 8200 SSP, simplifying the addition of new storage services to existing SANs.

Feature SANbox 8202-16 SANbox 8202-08 SANbox 8200-08
Ports 16 2Gbps Fibre Channel 8 2Gbps Fibre Channel 8 2Gbps Fibre Channel
CPUS Dual Intel® Xeon® Single Intel Xeon Single Intel Xeon
Memory 2GB 1GB 1GB
Power Supply Redundant, hot-swappable Redundant, hot-swappable Single

QLogic LogoReduce the complexity of your SAN by avoiding distributed agents, and eliminate the need for multiple, independent deployments across multiple SAN islands. The QLogic 8200 series is SAN & switch independent, providing managers with enhanced data management and protection capabilities across the entire enterprise infrastructure.

QLogic also sets itself apart with its warranty. To find out more about QLogic’s warranty, please contact us today.

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