IBM Tape Storage

Protect, access and manage mission-critical data

IBM features powerful and scalable tape backup and archival solutions. With a wide variety of attachment options, drive technologies, numerous capacity & performance tiers, and Capacity on Demand features, businesses can easily find a tape solution that meets their performance, capacity and scalability needs.

Tape libraries and autoloaders

IBM TS3200TS3500 - highly modular and scalable, supports up to 192 drives and 6,887 data cartridges

TS3310 - cost-effective but highly expandable tape library

TS3200 - up to two LTO Ultrium3 drives and 17.6TB native data capacity

TS3100 - cost-effective autoloader with 8.8TB native data capacity

Tape Drives

IBM TS1120TS1120 - enhanced 3592 drive features built-in encryption

3592 - high-performance and high-capacity tape drives

3590 - cost-effective drives support attachment to ESCON, FICON, UltraSCSI and Fibre channel

3580 - LTO Ultrium3 and Ultrium2 tape drives

Tape Virtualization

TS7700 - Optimize tape processing with this enterprise-class solution

TS7510 - Emulate tape drives, tape media and tape libraries for tiered storage solutions and business continuance

Legacy tape hardware

IBM 34943494 - modular, enterprise-class tape library

3583 - Ultrium tape drives, LVD SCSI or 2Gbps attachment, and up to 28.8TB native data capacity

3582 - Ultrium tape drives, LVD SCSI or 2Gbps attachment, and up to 9.6TB native data capacity

3581 - cost-effective autoloader features Ultrium tape drives, LVD SCSI or 2Gbps attachment, and up to 3.2TB native data capacity

North American Systems International can help you configure your next tape system for your backup, archival, or data retention solution to meet regulatory compliance. In addition to expert device, our partner status allows us to provide our customers and potential clients with great discounts. Whether you need a new tape system, or need to upgrade the performance, capacity, or capabilities of your current tape solution, North American Systems can ensure you maximize ROI, minimize TCO, and optimize efficiencies.

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