IBM Performance Tuning

Tuning Your Server’s Workload For Efficient Resource Use

Performance tuning is an important part of resource management. Tuning the workload and system for efficient resource use is a key to increase the return-on-investment of your existing system, and can help reduce total-cost-of-ownership of your server, freeing up your tight IT budget for other projects. Performance tuning consists of the following steps:

  1. Identifying the workloads on the system
  2. Setting objectives
    1. Determining how the results will be measured
    2. Quantifying and prioritizing the objectives
  3. Identifying the critical resources that limit the system's performance
  4. Minimizing the workload's critical-resource requirements:
    1. using the most appropriate resource, if there is a choice
    2. Reducing the critical-resource requirements of individual programs or system functions
    3. Structuring for parallel resource use
  5. Modifying the allocation of resources to reflect priorities
    1. Changing the priority or resource limits of individual programs
    2. Changing the setting of system resource-management parameters
  6. Repeating steps 3-5 until objectives are met or resources are saturated
  7. Applying additional resources, if necessary

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