IBM N5500


N-series gateways and storage appliances for efficient file serving

Perfect for various solutions such as data retention, near-line storage, disk-to-disk backup and high-performance, mission-critical I/O intensive operations IBM NAS servers provide a robust and open architecture for unifying SAN & NAS environments.

IBM NAS systems include support for IP SAN and FC SAN, as well as a wide range of file systems & protocols, including NFS, CIFS and iSCSI. These flexible systems allow you to choose between high-performance fibre or cost-effective SATA drives, allowing you to build a system with the right amounts of interoperability, performance and capacity, at a price that fits your budget.

Designed to stay up and running during upgrades and capacity increases , the IBM NAS appliances & gateways includes features like thin provisioning, which allows your company to grow its storage without disruption.

N7800 - 504TB of raw capacity with enterprise-class tools such as WORM, mirroring and advanced provisioning

N7600 - 420TB of raw capacity with enterprise-class tools such as WORM, mirroring and advanced provisioning

N5500 - 168TB of raw capacity to unify SAN & NAS

N5200 - 84TB of raw capacity to unify SAN & NAS

N3700 - 16TB of raw capacity and heterogeneous support of multiple protocols and platforms

North American Systems is uniquely qualified to help you plan, configure, test, stage, and upgrade your networked storage solution for SAN or NAS. North American Systems can help you build a system that ensures you maximize ROI, minimize TCO, and optimize efficiencies by selecting a solution or upgrade that fits your business needs.

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