HP rp4440

These two- to eight-way systems feature the new PA-8880 processors that run at 800MHz or 1.0GHz. Based of the HP zx1 chipset. this server boasts great bus bandwidth, the system bus runs at 6.4 Gbps, and the memory bus runs at 12.8 Gbps, for decreased memory latency. For increased availability the 4440 includes n+1 redundant power supplies, n+1 cooling fans, ECC (error checking & correction), and memory chip spare. Also includes the Quick Find LED panel, to speed problem diagnosis, and ease serviceability.


  • up to 8 PA-8880 800MHz or 1.0GHz CPU
  • up to 64GB DDR memory
  • 6 hot-plug PCI-X slots
  • up to 292GB internal disk
  • 4U form factor

Parts & Upgrades for HP rp44xx

Part Number Category Description
A7128A System memory 1GB DDR Memory Quad for rp4440
A7129A System memory 2GB DDR Memory Quad for rp4440
A7130A System memory 4GB DDR Memory Quad for rp4440
A7131A System memory 8GB DDR Memory Quad for rp4440
A9738B System memory 16 Dimm Memory Carrier Board 4U Chassis
A9777A Storage 73GB 15K Hot Plug U320 SCSI Disk Drive
A9778A Storage 143GB 10K Hot Plug U320 SCSI Disk Drive
A9951A Servers RP4440 w/ dual 1GHz PA8900 CPU
AB527A CPU 1GHz PA8900 Dual Core CPU for RP4440
AD049A Storage 300GB 10K RPM Ultra320 SCSI Disk Drive

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